The FED makes a profit...... Whaaaaaaaaat?

So, apparently the creator of money out on thin air actually makes a profit!!! How messed up is that?? If one is able to create money, isn't it common sense they can make profit and then one asks, what is the limit to their profit?

In 2012, the Fed posted a profit of about $88 billion, which fell to $77 billion in 2013 and $101 billion in 2014. So how the hell can the Fed make a profit? I thought Fed is supposed to provide frameworks for the economy to sustain and grow. Well, not exactly. The Fed has actually become a giant bank. It has been printing money out of nowhere and giving it to banks who hold treasury bills.

Luckily, the Fed also controls the interest rates to be paid out of these treasury bills. Hence, the Fed is essentially getting paid for something that it is creating money to buy.

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